The Heart of the Matter

Meet Myranda Bynam and her daughter Lucy, who has a very special heart!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your family! I'm Myranda, wife to Matt and mama to Annakate, 3, and Lucy, 1. We live in East Texas, born and raised! We are devout Christians and go to a non-demonitonal (technically baptist) church. My husband is a product manager at an air conditioning company. I am a stay at home mom that also works at home for our church as the Children's Ministry Coordinator. I originally went to school for teaching and taught in public school for 2 years before staying home with my first. I ran a small business for the last 2 years as well. 

2. Tell us about when the doctors told you about Lucy's heart condition. We were informed about Lucy's heart condition, SVT (supraventricular tachycardia), as they were diagnosing her in the NICU the first few days that she was born. There was something off with her heart rate in utero which is why I was medically induced at 36 weeks. No one thought she had SVT due to her fetal echo and all the sonograms. Her condition is rare- PJRT, which is a type of SVT. Basically her heart rate is too fast and creates it's own route so it can go at the speed that it wants. Unfortunately, hearts cannot sustain at such rates. It was very hard to hear that our child may have to be flighted to Children's Hospital and be on long term medications. Luckily, her heart was able to convert to a normal rhythm on two mild medications, and she has since weaned from one of those.

  3. Will there continue to be a need for Lucy to have medical procedures in the future?

Lucy is still on one oral medication for her condition. We have met with her electrophysiologist and the plan is to wean her off of it around 18-24 months. It could go away and at that point we would be keeping a close eye on her. She would still see her cardiologist once a year. If it did come back she would go to the hospital where we would attempt to get in under control as we did originally. Probably by using the same medications. The likelihood that those wouldn't work is slim and she would just have to be back on those until she was older. Around the age of 7-9 years old she would meet the weight requirement to have an outpatient surgery called an ablation. This is simply using a heat or freezing to zap the incorrect route- forcing it to use the normal route that it's supposed to use. The success rate for this is about 50% with her type of SVT. There is the chance that she would have to remain on medication her whole life. We pray that this is not the case. But if it is- the medication is very safe long term and much better than having an untreated condition.   4. How has your faith played a part in your family's ability to handle these special circumstances? Our faith in Jesus Christ is what has sustained us. We were broken and unable to help our small defenseless baby. There were moments of questioning His goodness and He was big enough to hear our anger and brokenness. Regardless of whether she was healthy or not, He was still good and that is something we have learned from this experience. Our relationship and dependence on Him has only grown and has strengthened our marriage. Where once we SAID God is good and we trust Him- now we KNOW He is good and have been forced to trust Him. It has been emotionally exhausting and yet brought more peace to our souls than anything else we have gone through. We are still working through that trauma and healing but on the other side we can see His providence and His faithfulness to complete a good work in us. 

5. You recently chose to put your business on hold to focus on your family. Tell us about how you came to that decision and how you feel about it now. Owning a small business is HARD. I am naturally a creative person and making things with my hands is something I have always loved to do. The aspects of running a business with small babies in the home thought- it is challenging. Being on your phone is almost a MUST. Networking, taxes, inventory, safety compliance etc. It was just too much for me to handle while taking care of two small babies and working in ministry. Ultimately I had to decide what was most important to me. Investing in my home and family under obedience to the Lord was first. Serving God in ministry was second. The business was fun and it was for me. But it wasn't something that I felt He was calling me to and it was evident that He was showing me that I wasn't doing it ALL as well as I wanted to. In society we glorify busy and make that an idol and I definitely was falling further and further into that hole. I decided to put what I wanted on the back burner, and in that I have felt so much peace and joy. Which is surprising because you would think it was the opposite. I gave up something, and He gave me joy. Not bitterness. When we are obedient and trusting in Him we can see the fruit that is joy and peace. 

6. How did your babies handle teething? What symptoms did they show? My first handled teething normally. She was fussy, she drooled, she was irritable. The main thing we saw from teething was that she always got a higher fever, like 101-102. It became normal for that to happen even though people would convince me that she was sick. She was never really interested in chewing on things like cold packs or teethers. She would chew on toys or on her pacifier. She has always been the type to just put her head down and plow through something. My second- she is text book on teething. She is fussy, drooling, irritable, sometimes has that 99 temp. But she loves all the teething things. The cool packs, the teether toys, the necklaces ;) 7. What are your thoughts on the Dents de Bébé teething necklace(s) you've worn?

When we got the Marble Mama Teething Necklace in the mail my first thought was- dang this this is legit. Meaning, it was sturdy and did not seem cheap at all. I've had many teething necklaces that were pretty flimsy. On the flip side to that because it seemed so sturdy I was worried that it would bother me to have it around my neck. I am kind of sensitive to necklaces and get really annoyed with heavy ones. I was so surprised at how light it was on! I would definitely recommend Dents de Bebe necklaces 10/10. I have felt so blessed to be able to provide some relief for her when holding her or wearing her in the wrap. And I don't look bad doing it either! You almost can't tell it's even a teething necklace which I love! 

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