Service and Sacrifice

Jordan Price shares about her life as a military wife and mommy!

1. Share a bit about yourself and your family!

The question I dread the most, because I never feel like I have much that is truly interesting to say. Haha! I’m a pretty simple woman who just loves her family, friends, and just enjoying life with them whatever that means... whether it means having an afternoon in the back yard drinking wine with my husband while our kids play, going on little adventures, or vacations, visiting family or friends, going to events around the city, or literally having a quiet afternoon in reading, playing, or watching Netflix. We are a military family as my husband is active duty Navy, so we’ve moved to multiple states and love to just make each place feel like “home” for as long as we can before we have to pick up and move again. We have a 4 year old boy and an almost 18 month little girl. We have a cat and dog, which have been around forever as we consider them our first borns at times! Lol! We all love to be outside, and even though right now we live in Ohio, we all are so anxious to move back to where there is a beach so we can enjoy the water all the time. Although having a true fall is so amazing!  I’m a stay at home mom and although it can be emotionally draining at times, I couldn’t imagine not being blessed enough to have the opportunity! It’s truly amazing!

2. How long has your husband been in the military?

My husband has been in the military for 8 and a half years and plans to stay in for the long haul with hopes of retiring from the Navy ultimately. He’s on his 2nd term after reenlisting about 2 and a half years ago. 

3. What makes being a military wife different from being a civilian wife?

I would say there are many differences and similarities. I would say the biggest difference is: no matter what, having to come 2nd to his job. (While he tries so hard not to make that happen it’s just what it is.) When duty calls there is no option, whether that mean delivering a baby alone, or holidays missed, or plans cancelled... It’s Navy first. There are no guaranteed vacations or down time. It’s 24/7, no matter what even when you think it might not be. The long stretches without each other are definitely the biggest differences. Most don't go 6-9 months without their spouse, although there definitely are some other occupations that experience those long distance and time away. 

4. What was it like to have your husband deployed?

It’s hard at first... the unknown is what’s the worst. Not having a return date, or how long for sure they will be gone. No communication whatsoever for periods of time, unknown when it will pick back up. Time actually goes a lot faster than you would imagine as long as you keep yourself busy. Life doesn’t stop like some people think. The question I got a lot was, “what do you do while he’s gone?” Well the answer is “everything!!” Life has to keep moving, so literally everything I'd do with him home is what gets done when he’s gone.. you still have to find a way to enjoy every day, have fun... and it also brings such awareness to how strong and independent you are, even though sometimes I really didn’t want to be. :) Our first child was born during deployment, and he didn’t return or see him in person until our son was 4 and a half months old. So our first deployment was very busy, emotional, and full of growth for everyone. 

5. What are common misconceptions about being a military wife?

I hate to say this but one is being unfaithful or giving up on marriages too soon when they get difficult. Which yes, divorce rates are extremely high within the military. I think it’s just like any marriage you have to be fully committed and willing to put 100% in every single day to have a happy and lasting relationship.  Another is that we don’t enjoy the lifestyle because of its ups and downs, but it can be  such a great lifestyle as long as you bloom where you are planted and adjust to change and keep a positive mind... even when those curve balls keep getting thrown at you every time something settles. The only constant in military life is CHANGE! 

6. How has Baylor handled teething? What symptoms did she show?

She is an emotional teether. She’s not one that’s screams and cries in pain, but she is clingy, and wants to cuddle, and gets upset very easily. Her sleep gets disrupted slightly during bad teething episodes, but as long as she has someone to hold her and give her comfort, she’s an angel! Which is why Dents de Bébé is perfect.... a cuddly baby with a necklace right in her grasp for extra comfort!

7. What are your thoughts on the Dents de Bébé teething necklace(s) you've worn?

They are fashionable and versatile. They  can be dressed up or down and the safe comfort they offer babies and toddlers is such a relief! Also very durable I’ve never had one have anything go wrong with it like other teething products we had bought in the past. 

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