Over the Rainbow

Chante Truscott shares on her experiences with lost pregnancies, fertility treatments and her journey to her rainbow baby, Carter!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your family!

We're blended, and we love it! My husband of 11 1/2 years is a Junior College basketball coach. I'm a stay at home entrepreneur and ministry leader. We have a 20-year-old college Junior and a feisty 8-month-old little girl, Carter! We're all CRAZY about Jesus and each other!

2. Can you share with us a bit about your pregnancy history?

My pregnancy history is a little tough. Prior to having our daughter Carter, I experienced two ectopic pregnancies that resulted in my inability to conceive naturally. In addition to the ectopic pregnancies, I also suffer from a condition called adenomyosis that causes some issues with infertility as well. Needless to say, pregnancy seemed impossible for me.

3. Please share your experiences with IVF.

It took us 8 years to take the plunge and believe God for our own miracle. After tons of research, prayer, and fasting we decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). From the moment we stepped in our doctor's office there was so much peace in the process... Not because he promised us anything, but because we knew our faith had brought us there.

We went through tons of tests, blood draws, injections, and tears. IVF is not easy, and there are no guarantees. Your body and your marriage are put to the test. My body didn't respond ideally to the IVF meds so we took a little break before we transferred our one little embryo that survived the process. After a successful retrieval and transfer, our miracle baby was conceived!

4. Please share birth story.

Just like our pregnancy journey, our birth story was tough. Although my previous history caused my OB-GYN to pre-schedule a C-section delivery, I still had to be rushed in for emergency surgery due to low amniotic fluid. When Carter was born she was so tiny... Less than 5 pounds! She had to spend 8 grueling days in the NICU getting her blood sugar up and gaining weight before we could take our precious miracle home!

5. How has your faith played a part in your family's ability to handle your pregnancy journey?

I know it's cliche but without trusting God through all of this, Carter wouldn't be in my arms right now. After the really tough ectopic pregnancies, I thought that I would never carry a child. Feeling her move and grow built our faith even more. It was literally a miracle for me to be pregnant! And then seeing my tiny baby in the hospital, defying odds just to go home lets me know that God sees and He cares for us so much! 

6. You are self-employed and keep Carter at home with you. How do you balance your roles as CEO, Mommy and Wife?

This is still something I'm trying to balance. My greatest calling is to my family and I set my schedule with that in mind. That doesn't mean that my days go smoothly because my work is unpredictable. But it does mean that the Truscott's come first! I'm fortunate that my clients understand that Carter is still adjusting to this big, new world, and I rely on tons of help from our family.

7. How is Carter handling teething so far?

Carter seems to have been teething for over a month. She’s super drooly (is that a word?) and wanting to gnaw on everything! She’s had some pretty rough days, and our DDB products are some of the only things that provide relief for her! 

8. What are your thoughts on the Dents de Bébé teething necklace(s) you've worn?

I've just started wearing my necklaces and Carter loves them... so I love them for that reason, primarily. But also because I can be fashionable while Carter is soothed! It's a win win!

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