A Mommy's New Year's Resolution

Welcome to 2019! If you're anything like me, you've made comments about how fast 2018 went by about 20 times already... which then makes you sit back and reflect on all of the things that happened in the past year. For some of you, it's been the addition of an entirely new human being your life! For the rest of us, it's been the success of making it an entire year of being responsible for another tiny human! And what usually comes along with that is learning more about ourselves, since these tiny humans tend to be a reflection of us!

So as I think about my personal resolutions for this new year, I'm challenging myself to make resolutions that have to do with my parenting. Here are some of my Mommy New Year's Resolutions:

1. Be more present in the moment. Running a small business from home, I've found myself easily distracted throughout the day when something business-related comes up. Since Nicole can now entertain herself more, it's easy for me to look away from her to respond to a message or email. It's truly a blessing to be able to stay home with her all day, and I don't want to miss any opportunity to give her my attention whenever I can! Most of the time, my work can wait until her nap time or bed time... for now anyway! Even when I was working a full-time job when my son was small, I was still guilty of not being present in the limited time I spent with him in the mornings and evenings, and I don't want to continue doing that. How can you alter your focus to be more present?

2. Do a better job of documenting important events and milestones. There are so many important things that happened when my son (who's now 19) was a baby that I have absolutely no memory of. We didn't have the convenience of cameras on our cell phones back in 1999, or even digital cameras. And I'm horrible about journaling and scrapbooking! Even now with Nicole, I've already forgotten how old she was when she said her first work (it was "Dada", btw) and some other small things like that. Now that we do have more at our fingertips to help us remember important things, I want to be sure to document those things, even if it's just with a photo. There are so many things that happen in the first couple of years, and I know that 20 years from now, I'll be desperate to relive them again! How do you document your children's milestones?

3. Be more patient. I love watching Nicole experience things for the first time! And sometimes her response to these new things isn't what I want it to be. Sometimes that response is making a mess all over the living room with her new building blocks, and I know that she's not the one that will have to clean it up (yet, anyway). And I find myself annoyed as soon as I see and hear those blocks hitting the floor! But in her little mind, all of that is necessary and is a part of what she's learning about those blocks. "This is the sound that they make when they hit the floor.... Look how cool all of the colors look spread around the floor... Isn't it fun that I'm coordinated enough to kick all of the blocks around with my feet?" I'm sure her mind is going 100 miles an hour with all that she's learning from this one thing that annoys me so much! But... I have to let her do it! That's not a battle that's even close to being worth fighting right now! Can you work on your patience like me?

4. Continue to show her love in every way I can. I've learned just by observing that one of Nicole's biggest love languages is Physical Touch. She loves kissing and hugging everything, and especially the people she loves! She sees her Mommy and Daddy be very affectionate to each other all the time! And for our family, it's very important to us that we teach her love through the teachings of Jesus Christ. I honestly think that's part of the reason that we've had so much success in sleep training, since she's been very confident that her Mommy and Daddy were always there for her, even when we weren't physically in the room with her. And I believe that will all be a huge part of her growing into a confident young lady! How do you and your family show love to each other?

5. Focus more on self-care. As I shared in my very first blog post, I continue to struggle with my self-esteem after having Nicole. (Click HERE if you missed that one.) So in 2019, I want to make it a point to take better care of myself and do more things for myself. Whether it's going for a mani/pedi (which I haven't done in almost two years), or having a girl's night out with my friends, or going all out for a weekend getaway, I will make sure that I do something for myself at least once a month. I feel like I'm not giving Nicole or the rest of my family what they deserve if they're not getting the "best me" every day! So it's not selfish to do something for myself... it's something that everyone will benefit from! What are some things that you could do for yourself so you don't get lost in mommyhood?

I'm going to work hard on these resolutions. And I know that just like anything else, it's going to be one day at a time! So what about you? What will be your parenting new year's resolution? I think these resolutions will probably be our most important and the ones we'd get the most reward from! I'd love to hear what you have to say! Be sure to comment and share your thoughts!

Have a blessed new year, and thank you so much for being a part of my 2018!

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