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(<don-de-bebe> ~ French for "Baby Teeth")

My name is Keri, and I'm a stay-at-home mom from Texas! I started making teething necklaces in February 2018 when my daughter began teething. I loved the idea of having a piece of jewelry to wear that can also be used to help soothe my daughter's gums! I put my cute, fashionable necklaces on hiatus when she started teething because I didn't want them to get broken when she tugged on them or for her to put them in her mouth. And I remembered my niece and nephew loved playing with my mom's necklaces when they were babies! I knew that teething necklaces existed, but the ones I saw in the stores were never in colors that would match my everyday clothes! I decided that I needed to make some necklaces of my own... and then, of course, I wanted to share them with other trendy mommies!

I started out making teething necklaces that looked like most of the ones you'd see with the large hexagon beads, but made them with a bit of flair. A friend of mine designs jewelry, and after seeing one of her new necklaces, I decided to try and make a teething necklace similar to hers. It turned out absolutely beautiful, and my customers loved the new concept! So I decided to make more and eventually phased out all of the traditional teething necklace designs and stuck only with fashion teething necklaces!

As my business grew, I learned more about how these necklaces are beneficial to everyone, not just mommies with teething babies! They are great as fashionable sensory necklaces for people with sensory needs, such as anxiety, ADHD, some forms of autism and more! Plus, they are non-toxic, so they are much safer than the cosmetic jewelry found in stores, which continue to show toxic materials being used!

I hope you love and appreciate these necklaces as much as I do! And be sure to spread the word that you no longer have to wear teething necklaces that look like they are obviously chew toys, but that you now have teething necklaces that you'd be proud to wear, even if your baby isn't around!



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